Welcome to our site. Most of our properties are located within a few blocks of BYU. Click on the 1, 2, or 3 bedroom tab to see available properties. Each property has a virtual tour, map location, and more. Please browse around and feel free to contact us through the contact form for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What utilities are included?
A:Some of the properties include utilities and some do not. Usually the duplex properties are included, as they have only 1 meter. Each properties description tells what utilities are included. None of the properties include telephone, internet, or cable. Tenants may chose a communication company and package as they wish.
Q:What is the length of the contract?
A:All contracts are for a 1 year term.
Q: When do contracts begin?
A: Generally Contracts begin May 1st or September 1st. Each property is different.
Q:Are the properties furnished?
A:Family properties are usually not furnished, however some of the properties may have minor furnishings. Let us know if you are interested in furnishings in the contact form.
Q:What about maintaining the inside and outside of the properties?
A:The properties and yards are maintained by management, however tenants are responsible for snow removal.
Q:Are Pets allowed?
A:No, except for fish ;-)
Q:Do you have a question?
A:Click above on contact us and we'll give you an answer.
    $700-750 per month
    $750 to $900 per month
    $850 to $995 per month

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